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Our Company

At Warakirri Cropping, we aim to meet and exceed our investor’s expectations, whilst developing and supporting our people to ensure a sustainable future.


    "To generate wealth for our investors, by owning and operating a diversified portfolio of cropping properties, in a safe and sustainable manner."


    "To operate efficient farms, utilising industry best practice, conservation and sustainable farming techniques."


    "To protect, enhance and evolve the business, meeting and exceeding our investor’s expectations, whilst developing and supporting our people."



We are committed to maintaining safe work places and preventing injuries and risk to our people or people working on or visiting our farms.

Responsibility & Trust

We seek to build and maintain a culture of responsibility and trust. We maintain the highest standards of integrity in our personal, business and community dealings.

Proactive & Adaptive

We are proactive and responsive in our management practices. We are flexible and adaptive in our farming systems, techniques, planning and decision making.


We strive to be innovative by supporting independent evidence and the adoption of proven technology.


We strive for excellence in everything we do and endeavour to be seen as industry leaders. We aim to meet and exceed investors' needs and expectations.


We are committed to providing a sustainable environment for present and future generations.

Empowerment & Development

We are committed to and recognise the importance of continuous learning and personal growth of our employees. We believe in equity, fairness and respect for individuals.