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As one of Australia’s largest grain growers, Warakirri Cropping owns and operates a diversified portfolio of large-scale and highly productive cropping aggregations across the northern, southern and western grain production zones of Australia. The portfolio comprises of eleven aggregations totalling over 150,000 hectares, with a balanced distribution across production zones:

Northern Region - 34,000 hectares

  • Subtropical & tropical climate
  • High inherent soil fertility
  • High-potential yields
  • Premium high-protein wheat production
  • Diversity in crop choice, including cotton
  • Substantial enterprise size

northern web1

Southern Region - 50,000 hectares

  • Temperate climate
  • Diverse production patterns and opportunities
  • Large and diverse domestic market
  • Feed grains demand for intensive livestock
  • Smaller enterprise size

Southern web

Western Region - 70,000 hectares

  • Mediterranean climate
  • Large enterprise size
  • Export market dominant
  • Transport advantage to SE Asia
  • Leader in grain storage practice
  • Narrower range of crop options

Western web