The Three Pillars of our Holistic Approach

Our commitment to sustainability is underpinned by three pillars that include the

  • long-term needs of our people and communities,
  • sustainable and profitable farming practices, and
  • safeguarding our climate and the environment.

Operating within a mature governance framework, each pillar entails specific goals and targets that are measured on an annual basis and guide our everyday operations.


Sustainability in Action

We engage in a range of activities in support of our sustainability goals across our national farms and rural communities on a daily basis. Our goals are supported by specific annual targets that allow us to monitor and continuously improve our sustainable farming practices.

Download this overview of our key sustainability priorities and activities and how they align with each of our sustainability pillars.

Download overview

For more information read the full sustainability report

Download sustainability report


Responsible sourcing and modern slavery

Warakirri Cropping’s corporate governance and business practices are rigorous and adopt a standard of continually maintaining and adhering to the highest levels of honesty, integrity and ethical standards. At the heart of our company values we believe in equity, fairness and respect for all individuals including the rights of our people, customers, suppliers and contractors to be free from practices of modern slavery.

For more information read our Modern Slavery Statement

Download Modern Slavery Statement


Leading Harvest

Leading Harvest, a nonprofit organisation founded in the United States, has announced that it has launched its industry-leading program in Australia which will implement a world-first sustainability assurance program designed to harmonise sustainability reporting across crops and regions. Leading Harvest provides farmers and agriculture customers with a universal certification through its unique Farmland Management Standard (the “Standard”), which standardises sustainability verification and reporting across the industry, resolving inefficiencies faced by farmers, producers, and customers in providing the sustainability assurances that the market increasingly demands.

Following a successful 12-month pilot leading up to the Standard’s launch and covering multiple sectors tailored to the Australian agriculture environment, Warakirri Cropping agreed to participate in the program in March 2023 believing this holistic program is best suited to drive positive change in the agricultural industry in Australia and promote sustainable practices and deliver long-term value for investors.

Warakirri Cropping is proud to have become one of the first Australian agriculture asset managers to achieve certification to the Leading Harvest Australia Farmland Management Standard in September 2023.

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